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Please take a moment to read what our customers say about us.

Dear Jade,

Thank you for your email. I must say it is delightful to work with you and your company. I appreciate the prompt responses and great detail. Our guests are always pleased with your service team as well.


Kind regards,


K K Afre

Manager, Expedia Cruise Ship Centre, North Bay, California.

The staff at this place are proof that there are still good people in the world. After my husbands phone wallet was stolen on one of their services, the whole team sprung in to action and assisted the police in finding the thief and returning phone and contents to him. We are truly grateful of this act of kindness and care.

Mikayla Maurice - FaceBook Review

These guys are just the best ! Highly recommended if you are ever in Cairns and need to go anywhere , then Sun Palm transport is the way to go !

Daren Saunders - FaceBook Review

Richard was our bus driver this morning and he was really friendly and polite. Hands down a top bloke

John Cho - FaceBook Review


A quick note of appreciation in regards my transfers from Cairns airport and Ramada resort Port Douglas.

The connections, booking system, and payments I made online were all flawless. The drivers were professional and courteous and the counter staff at Cairns happy and attentive to both myself and the customers before me in good time and order. My thanks to all concerned.

Best regards,

J Wilkinson

Justin Wilkinson

Airport Customer - Email Review

After reading reviews i was a bit hesitant to book with Sun Palm Transport but they were nothing but professional. It took us about 30 min to get to our hotel after dropping off other guests. The drivers were helpful and happy so i was very pleased with them. We were travelling with a 6mth old so it was great everything ran smoothly. I would definitely book them again.

Lorraine Atchia - FaceBook Review

I just want to say that I had the best bus trip this morning from port Douglas to cairns airport. Your driver was professional and just wonderful. 4 am pick up on the dot. I wish I got his name he was awesome. Highly recommend this company. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful driver. I hope we get him again.

Kristina Brand - FaceBook Review

All in all, very happy! Other than the slightly rude and abrupt driver this morning, I have had a pleasant experience with this company today!!

I didn’t have anything booked or know where to go (last minute flight and not actually staying in Cairns itself, just in town for the day until I can get out to my grandfather in hospital) and the lovely staff at the Airport counter listened and told me the best place to go and how to get there, etc. So that was nice.

…but the most notable thing they did is, after me carelessly leaving my purse on the bus in the morning, they found it, contacted me, found out where I was and brought it back to me!!! Lovely staff on the phone calling me keeping me updated and fantastic bus driver (didn’t even seem the slightest but annoyed that I had kept him waiting – I was at the wrong stop, just up the road and didn’t realise!).

Thank you so much to the wonderful staff I dealt with this afternoon. You have made a very stressful day a little bit easier (and I am so sorry for the inconvenience!!!).

Ange Livermore

Airport Customer - FaceBook Review

I’ve travelled with these guys twice now. Such a great company never had any issues. I would highly recommend these guys if you need hotel transfers from cairns airport

Elyce Edmondson - FaceBook Review

Would just like to say a massive thank you to the bus driver we had this morning from port Douglas to cairns ! He was friendly and very talkative. Didn’t get a chance to get his name but he was possibly the best driver we have had up here over the few visits we have had !

Samantha Brand Harston - FaceBook Review